Sophist Solutions releases ActiveLedIt! 2.3

High performance word processor ActiveX control available

Sudbury, Mass. (August 31, 1999) -- Sophist Solutions has shipped ActiveLedIt! 2.3, a shareware word processor ActiveX control. ActiveLedIt! 2.3 is based on the Led text editor building class library ( ActiveLedIt! 2.3 takes full advantage of the modern user interface features of Windows 95/98/2000. It supports such features as Drag and Drop, OLE Automation, as well as Internet support.

Since ActiveLedIt! is an ActiveX control, it can be used to provide powerful word processing capabilities in a number of programming environments which support ActiveX controls. These include Web Pages, Microsoft Access, Visual Basic, Delphi, and Java.

New in this release of ActiveLedIt!:

Sophist Solutions has also released an update of their Led Class Library, LedLineIt! shareware, high capacity text editor ( and LedIt! word processor application ( ).

Pricing and availability

A royalty-free license to use ActiveLedIt! costs US$500 per developer seat for the first license. Each additional license is discounted 25%.

P = 500 + (NL-1)*500*.75

Developers are entitled to a 30 day trial period. During this period, the developer may fully utilize ActiveLedIt! for any purpose. Any time before the 30 days are up, he/she may return ActiveLedIt! for a full refund.

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Information about ActiveLedIt! can be found on the World Wide Web at , by sending email to, or by writing to:

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