Sophist Solutions releases LedIt! 2.3

High performance word processor available

Sudbury, Mass. (August 31, 1999) -- Sophist Solutions has shipped LedIt! 2.3, a shareware cross-platform word processor. LedIt! 2.3 is based on the Led text editor building class library ( ). LedIt! 2.3 takes full advantage of the modern user interface features of Windows 95/98/2000, as well as the Macintosh. It supports such features as Drag and Drop, OLE Embedding, and the Internet.

New in this release of LedIt!:

Sophist Solutions has also released an update of their Led Class Library, LedLineIt! a text editor shareware application (, and the ActiveLedIt! ActiveX control ( ).

Pricing and availability

LedIt! is a shareware product. Frequent users are requested to pay a US $10.00 fee.

Sophist Solutions is a software consulting company specializing in the design and implementation of object-oriented systems, graphical user interfaces (Macintosh, Windows, X-Windows), distributed applications, and Internet technologies (e.g. Java, TCP/IP, ActiveX, Netscape, HTTP, HTML, etc). Sophist Solutions may be reached on the World Wide Web at

Information about LedIt! can be found on the World Wide Web at , by sending email to, or by writing to:

	Sophist Solutions
	P.O. Box 747
	Sudbury, MA 01776-0747 
	Phone: (978) 443-4442
	Fax:   (419) 735-0707