Free Text Editor LedLineIt! 3.0 Text Editor


LedLineIt! is a free, easy to use, cross-platform, multi-lingual text editor. It is small, quick, and capable. LedLineIt! supports editing extremely large files, syntax coloring, UTF-8, UNICODE, code page conversions and many more features. LedLineIt! is actively being developed, so check back often to find out about new updates.


Other products

LedLineIt! is based on the Led rich text editor building class library. Also available from Sophist Solutions are LedIt! - a free word processor, ActiveLedIt! - an ActiveX control word processor, and HealthFrame Medical Record Software HealthFrame Personal Heatlh Record Software


LedLineIt! is free to individuals to use as they like, but you may not freely redistribute LedLineIt! without specific license from Sophist Solutions, Inc.


Last Updated: 2004-02-23