Led 3.0


Led is a family of text editing and word processing products. At its heart, Led is a cross-platform C++ class library, designed to facilitate the writing of a host of different text-editing/word-processing related applications. But there are many other Led-based tools which may be of interest to you.

Led Class Library

Led Class LibraryThe Led C++ class library is designed to easily plug into applications written for popular class libraries (application frameworks) such as MFC, TCL, and PowerPlant. Engineering consulting services are available from Sophist Solutions, Inc to help integrate the Led class library with your application where needed.

If you are a programmer, and want more information on how you can use the Led text editor building class library to enhance your applications, just click here.


ActiveLedIt! ActiveLedIt! is small, fast ActiveX control word processor. It is fully scriptable via OLE Automation. It can easily be integrated into web pages. Demos available online.

Led-based applications

• LedIt! LedIt! - A word processing application
• LedLineIt! LedLineIt! - a fast, powerful, text editor

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If you want more information, or would like to place an order, all orders are handled electronicly. Just send email to info-led@sophists.com to place an order, or to find out more.

Last Updated: 2003-08-29