Got Text? Need code?

Led Overview

• All about the Led family of text processing products


•  Led C++ rich text class library Cross-platform C++ Class Library
C++ programmer?
Need a powerful C++ based rich text engine?
Want to find out more?
•  ActiveLedIt! rich text control ActiveX Control
Programming in Basic, Delphi, .NET, or for the Web?
Need a Rich Text Edit ActiveX control?
Check out the ActiveLedIt! rich text control

Successful Applications Built using Led

•  HealthFrame Medical Record Software HealthFrame Personal Medical Record Software

Want a quick demo?

• Screenshots
         ( LedIt! Mac / Win / XWin, LedLineIt! Mac / Win )
•  Download Led WordProcessing Demo ( LedIt!)
•  Download Led Text Editing Demo ( LedLineIt!)
•  Simple ActiveLedIt! rich text ActiveX control Demo

Last Updated: 2008-12-03