ActiveLedIt! rich text word processor ActiveLedIt! 3.0 Word Processor


Add editable rich text content to your web page or other Windows application. Easily work with RTF or HTML formats. Edit multilingual (UNICODE) text - even with clients operating on Win9x. Take advantage of the ActiveLedIt rich text control's powerful scripting API to seamlessly integrate rich text content into your users’ experience.

ActiveLedIt is highly compact (its CAB file is roughly 500K) for quick and easy deployment, and there are no DLL dependencies to create conflict problems for your users. The ActiveLedIt! editor is well documented and comes with many examples. Whether you are using Delphi, VB, Access, C++ Builder, or programming for the web, ActiveLedIt will work for you.


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If you want more information than you can find on this web site, you can send email to, or contact Sophist Solutions directly at +1 (978)-443-4442 or by fax at +1 (952) 487-4932.

Other Products

The ActiveLedIt! rich text control is based on the Led rich text editor building class library. Also available from Sophist Solutions are LedIt! - a full application word processor, and LedLineIt! - a programming-oriented text editor.

Last Updated: 2004-02-23