ActiveLedIt! Customer Reviews

Odyssey Learning Systems

"...Your OCX was just what we needed for our web based solution", said Werner Artinger, Senior Programmer from Odyssey Learning Systems (, a company that provides multilingual eLearning solutions. "We were faced with a situation where we needed to present our existing RTF data on a web page.  One of our concerns was how big the software download was going to be as some of our customers are on slow modems.  Your product addressed many of our concerns. ...None of the above considerations however convinced us to go with your product as much as your excellent support! ...All in all we love your OCX!!"


"You have done a good job with the component, and it seems to be able to do all I want it to do.", said Ashish More, Design Engineer at iWorx (, maker of data acquisition systems for medical research and teaching. "...ActiveLedIt is used as a journal component as part of the data acquisition system allowing users to generate reports without having to use a different program."

TUFware Systems

Chris Spencer, of TUFware Systems (, said " Some other products did not provide paragraph spacing. Others provided only the MS RTF functionality. One didn’t even provide color fonts (Duh!!). Others required VB support files (we NEVER will use a control that has excess baggage apart from the OCX). Some were too low level. I could take the time to add a code wrapper but I have other things to do."

"Overall ActiveLedit was well rounded and provided all the functionality we required, particularly the inbuilt right mouse click properties for the end user, printing etc."

Records For Living, Inc.

Lewis Pringle, of Records For Living, Inc. ( said "we used ActiveLedIt to integrate into our healthcare application - HealthFrame - to provide very high quality journaling support. It worked great!."

Last Updated: 2005-04-11