ActiveLedIt! 3.0 Pricing

ActiveLedIt! Software Developer Licence (Binary Only)
  • Royalty-free license

  • 30 day money back guarantee*

  • License is per developer seat

  • 3 months free support included

Details about the ActiveLedIt! binary License

   US$399.00 per developer seat.

Upgrade from ActiveLedIt! 2.3:
   US$199.00 per developer seat.

ActiveLedIt! Software Developer Licence (Source code License)

Few developers using the ActiveLedIt! ActiveX control will have any use for the source code. But for those who do, a source code license is also available.

Details about the ActiveLedIt! source License

   US$3,199.00 per developer seat.

Upgrade from ActiveLedIt! 2.3 source license:
   US$1,299.00 per developer seat.

Note that since the ActiveLedIt! source code requires the Led Win32 source code, a Led Win32 license is included in this price, as well as an ActiveLedIt! binary license. If you already have (some of) those licenses, you can contact Sophist Solutions directly to find out about upgrade pricing.

Quantity discount (applies to upgrades as well):

2-10: 35% discount (on licenses after the first)
11+: contact Sophist Solutions directly for large site discounts

* Refunds incur a 10% handing fee to cover credit card processing fees.

Last Updated: 2004-01-05