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About the Company

Sophist Solutions is a software development tools and consulting company, specializing in the design and implementation of object-oriented systems, tools, graphical user interfaces (Macintosh, Windows, X-Windows), distributed applications, and Internet technologies (e.g. Java, TCP/IP, ActiveX, COM, DCOM, HTTP, HTML, XML, RDF, .NET, CORBA, etc).

Sophist Solutions was founded in 1989 and has maintained an internet presence since 1991. More information about Sophist Solutions' principals is available online.


•  Led Class Library - C++ class library for text-based GUI applications
•  ActiveLedIt! - an ActiveX control word processor
•  ActiveSpelledIt! - a new - not yet released - spell checking engine
•  LedIt! - A fast, easy to use, word processing application
•  LedLineIt! - a fast, powerful, easy to use, text editor

Other items of possible interest

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•  Records For Living, Inc - Health and Medical Software

Contacting Sophist Solutions

The preferred way to contact Sophist Solutions is via email at Sophists can also be reached at +1 (978)-443-4442 or by fax at +1 (952) 487-4932.

Last Updated: 2012-02-10