ActiveLedIt! ActiveX Control
Word Processor Competitors

This is a list of all known ActiveLedIt! competitors, and my take on them, along with hyperlinks so you can make up your mind for yourself. If you have any additions, please let me know and I will add them. Similarly, if you want to revise my characterizations. Also, keep in mind, my comments are generally NOT well researched. If you really want to know about these particular products, contact the vendors themselves.

ActiveX Controls and other ActiveX compatable DLL editor solutions

  • LEdit from AY Software

  • According to their web page "LEdit is an advanced edit control for MS Windows". It appears to only be available in binary form (DLL, OCX, etc). I really don't know much about it, except this URL where you can find more information:

  • Microsofts Rich Text ActiveX Control

  • This is a very strong alternative to Led. It is considerably slower than Led on large documents (last time I tried - around 1998 - you must try for yourself).

    NB: to use the Microsoft Rich Text ActiveX control, you must purchase either VB, or Access 97 Developer Edition, in order to have rights to develop with this control - or so I've been told. Read the MS licence agreement for details.

  • TX ActiveX Control

  • This appears to be a very strong competitor to ActiveLedIt!. I haven't used it, but their documentation and web site look good.

    Comments from Jonathan Maron ( who purports to represent the TX Text Control company in email to me dated 2000-01-25 says:

    TX Text Control is a powerful 32 bit programming component which includes a low-level API and an easy to use OCX that allows developers to easily add to their applications sophisticated text formatting and display capabilities, typically seen only in large word processing programs. However, unlike many of these large and expensive applications, TX Text Control is completely royalty-free: Programs created with TX Text Control can be shipped to an unlimited number of customers, without any additional costs whatsoever.
    Version 8 of TX Control released

  • Total Access Memo 2000

Server side DHMTML Generators

  • Html Textbox

  • Html TextBox is an ASP.NET server control that allows users to edit formatted text in a visual environment using the Microsoft DHTML editor.

Java word processor solutions


People who are interested in an OCX editor control may also be interested in reviewing the Led Class Library or the list of Led Class Library competitors. Some of these may well now have solutions for people who need an ActiveX control.

If you have any additions, or clarifications, or modifications you think appropriate here, please send me your comments, suggestions, and reviews.
Last Updated: 2003-09-02