ActiveLedIt! History

ActiveLedIt 3.0

Was released June 3, 2002.

The major additions in this release were:

  • Full Unicode support

  • Vastly improved documentation, and samples

  • Faster editing large amounts of text

  • Numerous new ActiveLedIt! OLE Automation APIs

  • Microsoft Global IME support

  • Bullet Lists

  • Easy to implement, frequently requested addition.
  • Soft-Returns

  • Support soft-returns - aka line breaks with a paragraph (SHIFT RETURN).
  • Line spacing

  • Support single space, double space, etc, as well as space-before and space-after, and the full range of fancy spacing options MSWord 2000 supports.
  • (Optionally) Show Hidden characters

  • Separately controllable show hidden paragraph markers, tabs, and spaces.
  • Store persistent sizes internally in TWIPS

  • Provides better handing of zooming and scaling. And eliminates small (rare) loss of precision loading/saving documents.
  • Hidden text

  • Ability to mark some regions as 'hidable', and then set global flag saying if that hidable text should really be hidden, or be shown in some (configurable) alternate display (so the user can see its hidden).
  • New 'properties' menu item to get detailed information about embeded objects

ActiveLedIt! 2.3

Was released August 30, 1999.

The major additions in ActiveLedIt! 2.3 were:

  • Supports vast new set of OLE Automation commands (most of those of the Microsoft Rich Text ActiveX control)
  • Supports OLE Automation callback 'Events'
  • Digitally signed, and compressed CAB file distribution

  • All this implies automatic code download over the internet should work seemlessly.
  • No dependent DLLs

  • No more headaches about whether you need extra DLLs distributed along with this OCX.
  • All the proper registry gorp so control is considered safe for scripting, and automatically downloaded and installed
  • More powerful configuration options for which scrollbars to show, and what word-wrapping strategy to use (defaults to autoshow scrollbars)
  • Per paragraph user settable justifications (other 'ruler' settings only available through imported RTF text in this release - no actual ruler shown)
  • Fixed various problems with control keys etc when embedded in MSIE.
That, in addition to numerous small bugfixes, speedups, and enhancements made to the Led class library itself (see Led History for more details).

ActiveLedIt! 2.2

Was released July 28, 1997.

This was the first release of ActiveLedIt!, and its main features were:

  • ActiveX control
  • Built using Led engine, and cabable of editing very large amounts of text
  • Smart cut and paste (and drag and drop)
  • OLE Automation - though very limited
  • Could be embedded in a web page, or used from Visual Basic, or any other ActiveX control container

Last Updated: 2003-09-02