Led UNICODE Support

Led has been a tool designed for internationalization from the beginning. The first version of Led was based on SJIS, and used in the Japanese market.

Led is available in several forms:

Led 3.0

Led 3.0 is available now, and it fully supports UNICODE on the Windows platform.

A future release of Led will support UNICODE on the Macintosh and Linux/X-Windows platforms.

Try the LedIt! word processor, or the LedLineIt! text editors. The windows versions are all built using UNICODE.

Led 2.3

As of Led version 2.3, Led has had a high degree of support for UNICODE. The Led C++ class library could be compiled for UNICODE, could be used to build UNICODE-based editing functionality into applications.

Led 2.3 - with UNICODE - was used to ship several commercial applications in the Asian market (for example - LogoVista Translation Assistant).

In Led 2.3 - UNICODE support is restricted to MS Windows, and is also not fully supported with the RTF reader, and Word Processor.

Last Updated: 2002-06-17